MoU signed to promote copper use

July 2011

A global copper association has signed an MoU with a Saudi-based consultancy company to promote the use of the metal in the kingdom.

The agreement was signed between New York-headquartered International Copper Association (ICA), the apex body promoting the use and application of copper across various sectors, and Amad, who are specialists in the engineering, industry and IT fields and who operate from Riyadh.

Sanjeev Ranjan, a senior ICA official, and Saud Al Jibreen, general manager of Amad, signed the agreement.

Partnership formalised

The partnership was formalised on the sidelines of the Electricity Efficiency Forum held at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre where ICA highlighted the practical applications of copper and its importance in driving energy efficiency in Saudi Arabia.

Ravinder Bhan, the regional representative of ICA, remarked: 'ICA’s partnership with Amad would strengthen the copper body’s presence in Saudi Arabia, one of the key markets in the Middle East region with a strong focus on infrastructure development. The kingdom faces the challenge of meeting growing requirements of power, projected to increase at an annual 8 per cent over the next five years. 'Through our partnership with Amad, ICA will highlight the practical efficiencies that can be achieved through the use of copper in the energy and power sector of the kingdom,' said Bhan.

Al Jibreen said: 'Saudi Arabia is witnessing significant investments in the energy sector. The use of copper in driving the projects will contribute to long-term sustainability and promoting energy efficiency.'

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