OMS tools showcased in Rio

The company’s Internal Weld Scanning tool and Pipe End Dimensioning tools make up its groundbreaking pipe measurement and inspection tools

October 2010

At this year’s Rio Oil & Gas Expo 2010 held in mid-September, UK-based specialist measurement technology company Optical Metrology Services (OMS) Ltd showcased two groundbreaking pipe measurement and inspection tools, including the company’s Internal Weld Scanning tool and Pipe End Dimensioning tools.

Internal Weld Scanning tool
OMS’ groundbreaking internal weld inspection system inspects the internal size and shape of girth welds on pipes that are destined for use in deepsea subsea oil and gas applications. The Internal Weld Scanning Tool is a novel system that internally scans welds inside pipes, both visually and dimensionally, enabling inspectors to quickly and confidently assess the quality of the root weld.

The technology can be deployed onshore and offshore at different stages of the pipe welding process. The tool can be used on corrosion-resistant alloy-lined pipe to identify sour (aggressive) ingress points, in both clad butt-weld and clad weld inlay applications. The tool can also be used to improve weld procedure development efficiency and to check the root weld and geometry before next passes are deposited.

Pipe End Dimensioning
Visitors to OMS’ stand were also able to learn about OMS’ complete range of measurement and inspection services for the end dimensioning of fatigue-critical SCR and flowline pipes, which are destined for deepsea subsea oil and gas applications as well as aiding in the fit-up of land-based pipeline projects as recently undertaken for Petrobras.

These services include the management of AUT (Automatic Ultrasonic Testing) calibration block selection and use; software analysis tailored specifically to match customer requirements; and end-to-end matching (without counterboring) or matching with counterbore parameters provided (removing minimum WT).

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